Nestling back into Alaska's Brilliant and Earthy Bosom

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It has been an unbelievable weekend. I made new close friends including the 4 year old who took the top picture. We boated to an island, saw orcas surfacing with the volcano in the distance and almost collided with a surfacing humpback by accident. The herring fishery has been close to shore, eagles are circling Sitka in the hundreds, humpbacks are lunging from the water and sea lions huffing and diving like ballerinas into schools of jumping, bumping, flipping and flopping herring. We kayaked at sunset into a group of fishing humpbacks and sea lions, smelled horrendous whale breath and heard the humpbacks let out two shrill trumpet noises that sent shockwaves down our spinal cords and made us melt into our kayaks with  amazement and glee. The Pbar is packed wall to wall with visiting herring fishermen, smoke, and cheap beer. The rainforest is lush, slippery and green and waterfalls are flowing at full force.

fishery (2 of 1)
fishery (2 of 1)

Also, we found a tree with boobs.  Oh yes, it feels good to be back in Sitka.