Sweet New England

This incredibly lucky lady  is deeply grateful for having  opportunity after opportunity to live, work and study across the globe. Even still, from the Antarctic to the Canary Islands, my favorite place on this planet is still the dome home. I always look forwards to returning home to New England for family, foliage, friends fires and the spaceship I get to call home (if only too temporarily).

The Dome Home spaceship prepares for takeoff.

I brought Luke and Lynsey to New England this trip and welcomed them into this odd home filled with even odder items. The little dome shakes with laughter, sounds like Moby, smells like garlic and tastes like boxed wine. It sits under a big chaotic (yet familiar) mess of stars and beside an intricate (and cleverly marked) trail system carved into the forest by my father. We kayaked, visited beaver dams, cooked and danced around the fire listening to Deep Forest. I had great fun sharing this foundation of my life with international friends.

The fireman builds another doozy.

Fungi on the trail.