Barcelona To Paris

I traveled to Barcelona this week to present my work with Mission Antarctica at a SCAR [ Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research] Conference. To learn more about the outreach project that brought life and polar research to middle school classrooms in the United States click here


Like many visitors to the brilliant mosaic-clad city of Barcelona, I left saying 'I could live in Barcelona'. The city felt classically beautiful with an avant guarde twist. The artwork and architecture are edgy and the people are too. Tapas is the most ingenious way to eat and I fell in love with Gaudí.

I watched her solicit sex to people passing on Las Ramblas. Some would stop, but most kept shuffling by .

My hotel overlooked the busy street Las Ramblas and I watched people zoom past sex solicitors from the comfort of my window. The city was laughing, dancing, eating and drinking long into the night and I left my giant windows open so Barcelona could slip into my dreams.

Sagrada Familia.