Messing About on the River

Spring is upon us! In old Oxford fashion we set off for a punt to celebrate our friend Lynsey's birthday with some visiting South Africans. Punting involves one dope standing at the back or front of the boat (Cambridge versus Oxford style) who drops one long metal pole into the water, pushes and then uses the pole as a rudder. A cacophony of giggles, quacks and profanity crowd the air as boats harmlessly, and a bit embarrassingly, crash into the riverside and try to navigate to a local riverside pub for pints and more giggles.

Did you know that the queen apparently owns all of England's swans? We had a braii (South African term for BBQ) with classmates from our course (Biodiversity Conservation and Management). I love this course and this international cohort of passionate people. The other night a friend hosted dinner and we had a person from England, Italy, France, South Africa, Israel, Germany America and Canada around the table. Drinking, eating, singing, whaling, guitar playing and discussions about where to even begin conserving biodiversity. Though, I am grateful for all I have learned formally on the course, I treasure most the late night discussions and perspectives from these classmates and friends.