Teaser Update

As you can imagine.. I am in fact living in Oxford now and am incredibly swamped trying to do everything from stop crying over the fact that I ripped a slit in the ass of one of the only two pairs of jeans I brought here within 10 minutes of landing in England to stopping crying over the painful struggle that is trying to open a foreign bank account. I also have to stop sobbing over how much I've already fallen in love with this University and program and buy some shoes to wear with my cape.. Yes, I literally have to wear a cape to not only my matriculation but, my exams as well. After I do all those sorts of activities during the day I have to chase them down with mandatory social college pub gatherings just about every damn night. I am also working on revamping my brand new website layout which in many ways is in shambles. My portfolio needs to be uploaded, past posts need featured images and glitches need fixing!

Oh, but I do want to share with you all about this beautiful place and the wonderful field trip I was just on and the fantastic classmates I've met. Till then, here's a picture of a castle that's about 700 years older than our nation.