VIDEO: Green Apple Day of Service Shouts out to Mission Antarctica! : Scroll down to see our project featured!

The Green Apple Day of Service  is occurring on September 29th. The event aims to direct world discussion, action, and interest on the sustainable improvement of schools worldwide. Participating schools, elected officials, teachers, green building councils and more will volunteer in endless ways (murals to water audits). I was contacted with hopes of sharing a video I put together for the 'Mission Antarctica' outreach project featuring Clair- who was our lovely waste management specialist. Anywho, the project will be featured and I am incredibly proud that our work is being highlighted for such a wonderful event! PS: our project (allbeit indirectly) was mentioned during an interview on fox news:

'Mission Antarctica' brought phytoplankton research and life on a US Antarctic research station to participating middle schools through social media, video shorts, field reports and live chats. Students not only learned the inns and outs of polar phytoplankton fieldwork but also, how a small research station can function sustainably and effectively at the bottom of our world.

Students asked questions, participated in contests, and tuned in to the 'Mission Antarctica' app, helping bridge the gap between research scientists, ice-dwellers, and American youth. Clever outreach projects like 'Mission Antarctica' help us realize how beautiful, small, and important to protect our earth is!


Apparently our  Mission Antarctica app is being revamped because over 600 people a month are still downloading! Learn more about Mission Antarctica. You can also check out the site or download the app: Mission Antarctica.

PS. Love to all the teachers in my life most especially Deryk & Laura!