July Fourth

The past few weeks have been dominated by explosions and heavy machinery. I was sent back to Chicigaf Island to cover a story on a group of contractors working to restore the Sitkoh River Basin. I am working on a written piece and video so I'll spare you the details in this post but overall.. I had a blast (pun intended).

I rolled around in the dirt, mud, rain, 12 hours a day photographing and filming excavators and dump trucks. I'm not sure which was worse: trying to film the first day through constant down pouring rain or whoring my body out to about 50 thousand biting insects the second day. On the third day I detonated a bomb. Leftover dynamite from a restoration project that involved blowing culverts and a bridge, became my victim and the boom was satisfying and left me with a silly grin splayed across my face.  I spent the fourth of July partly on someone's awesome tugboat home releasing lanterns and watching returning fishermen shoot off fireworks. I've also been working in the office pretty hard this week working on turning this contracting footage into a coherent story that I will post soon.