Throw Away Your Television


I love beautiful cross-country days- I know New England was sunny and beautiful (albeit humid as hell- nope, don't miss that) and Sitka Alaska was just incredible. I like weather that stretches uniformly to people I love far away because it makes me feel closer to them especially when everyone made time to get in the sun! ( I hope) Happy Birthday Nina!

What I also love -forgive me for throwing around the 'L' word but I have just been romanced by the day- I adore living in a town where recreation is king! A crisp contagiously good-mood-mustering first day of summer should not be spent at the office, it should be spent chasing childhood impulses and rediscovering what the word 'summer' really means. It means traipsing around a small town with your friends like rebels without a cause. Over the past few days I relaxed with newfound lifelong friends, napped on the beach, tickled a few anemones, hammered my both bony and fleshy bikini body into the back of Natalia's truck, got banged and bruised on back roads while eating too many m&ms (resulting in that all too familiar carsickness), compared summer playlists and jumped from a fat rope swing .

Unlike my childhood self however, I have become quite the woosey. The rope swing was not more than like 12 feet above the ocean, albeit very cold water… with two rather large jellyfish in proximity, it took me about three times the acceptable waiting time to jump… twice I just held on to the rope and returned to shore where Paul chivilrously helped me back to land.

I did eventually let go.


And… while fishing from the shore with Peter I caught two rocks and a fish! got sunburned in Alaska, sipped spruce-tip mojitos  then tried to dominate a unicycle (turns out, that one-wheeled beast dominated me). New friends, new adventures and a whole lot of love! Oh, and somethings just never get old- like the soundtrack to summer still being Semi-charmed Kind of Life. Never let the reckless, easy to please,  outdoor crazy kid in you die.. Off to a Mexican potluck with Natalia and Paul!