Off to Alaska!


I am off to Sitka, Alaska! Waking up at the crack of dawn, heading out yet again, from my beautiful little abode in the New Hampshire woods for good ol' Logan Airport. Donning my Pierce jersey but sadly leaving Boston behind, I'll be flying to Seattle.

In Seattle I will meet up with another intern (Natalia Povelite) and ride shotgun in her truck for the lengthy drive up to Prince Rupert, British Columbia. We'll take a few beautiful stops along the way, compare tastes in music, eat pita bread and eventually stammer out the car doors in Prince Rupert. We are set to catch a ferry the morning of the 19th and arrive in our new home, Sitka Alaska the afternoon of the 20th. Although, I'm not positive when the next time the internet and I will meet, I promise to collect photos and stories along the way.

Till then, I'll leave you with a quote about Sitka from 'Salmon in the Trees',  a lovely book I read in preparation for this internship.

"... And that's what I love about living in this huge and contiguous forest. Long may it last: the big old trees still standing, the bugs, the fish, the bears, and the flawed and saintly people who want to live a sensual life in this everything place"

Yes please.


To learn more about the Sitka Conservation Society- where I will be interning for the next three months, hit .