Next Step: Sitka, Alaska

Looks like my next adventure will be a three month stint to Sitka, Alaska where I will be working basically as a movie filming, editing, outreach specialist for the Sitka Conservation Society on the Island of Sitka. For the months of June, July, and August I will be biking to the office and working as a translational science making conservation understandable and accessible to a range of demographics. The little painting to the left I put together as part of the application process. For those of you unfamiliar with my previous work in Antarctica who are scratching their heads thinking- I thought she was a biologist not a moviemaker? Well... alongside lab and fieldwork at Palmer Station I helped contribute to the outreach portion of our project by putting together about thirty amateur videos that ranged in type from the painfully educational to silly. Our project connected with a Title I middle school in Sparks, Nevada. To learn more about the project check out the "About Mission Antarctica" page. I've also spent considerable time working with the Felidae Conservation Fund, a nonprofit that works to protect wild felids worldwide, crafting and designing educational outreach material.

To check out a few more videos (albeit low quality) check out my Youtube Channel. Please forgive some of the tacky soundtracks, I had to use either original tracks or royalty free.

Considering my predominant job in Antarctica was as a lab and field assistant, I look forward to the opportunity of specializing in outreach and fine tuning my rudimentary filmmaking skills. Above all I can't wait to put my talents to work with such a pioneering and excellent conservation society while calling such a gorgeous and wild state home. Looks like alongside outreach tasks,  Ill be able to head out on a few Wilderness expeditions to remote areas of Alaska to conduct surveys as well.