Life in the Dome Home


What have I been up to over  the last month? Nothing particularly worth blogging about... besides the food! In between hiking our trails and the loads of applications (for school and temporary jobs and funding options - trying to make my next adventure happen) I have been cooking and baking up a storm with my mom here at home and my aunt and cousins down in my beloved home state of Massachusetts. Biscottis for valentines gifts, pan seared scallops, hollandaise sauce, shrimp and clam sauce, smoked duck, risotto, enchiladas, pesto sauce, carrot cake, regular cakes, and for my parent's 30th anniversary- a cake shaped like the beloved dome home! Special thanks to my lovely auntie and cousins for pulling off the cake.

Although I am eager to return to my relationship with science, I am thoroughly enjoying my downtime and the chance to reconnect with family, cook, read by the fire, cook, convince my younger cousin to go to USF, draw & paint, worship my cat, and catch up with politics and the world I largely ignored while down in Antarctica. Also, I am planning a three-week trip down to Florida to visit my other half and will hopefully have some actual blog-worthy, interesting stories and photos to share over the coming weeks.


Listening to: 'Country Ghetto' JJ Grey & Mofro