The End of my Lucky 22 Year

Today marks the final hours of the most important year of my life thus far. At 5am I turn 23 and must say ta-ta to twenty two. Twenty two is a lucky number for me, and for fear of getting all ’23- Jim Carry mediocre movie’ schizoid in an attempt to corroborate why,  lend the favor, believe me and I'll spare the soliloquy. Appropriately, this lucky-numbered year marked some pretty momentous changes in not only my life, but in many of the important lives around me. I graduated from the University of San Francisco, a first-generation college student, after four formative and unforgettable years alongside unforgettable friends, professors, advisors, and supervisors. My friends became nurses, medical students, politicians, and officers. 2011 marked the beginning; the point where the class of 2011 began taking the reigns from past generations and now barrels forth, hot-headed, passionate, and not yet disenchanted. It's our turn to take a swing at fixing the problems we studied in class for four years. About 1% of the world goes to college- the world turns to us.

I left my country this year for the very first time and headed to Antarctica. If you've followed this blog at all over the past 5 months, you already know how un-bloody-believably life changing and motivating my time in Antarctica was. I traveled through South America and got my first taste of a developing country- it tasted like I should be a hell of a lot more grateful, with an aftertaste of mayo and ketchup mixed together.

What a long strange trip it's been- thank you all for your support, your love, your belief in me, your humor, wit, advice, and your ability to let me fly just far enough away without severing my roots.  If I could thank you all appropriately I'd be here till 2023. Oh and Henry- my pet stink bug just flew up to the desk to say Happy Birthday, fancy that. Off to bed!

Henry (actual size)

Henry (actual size)