Week 8: Field Report

Week 9, September 28-October 4, 2011, written by Joe Grzymski By the end of this week it was a frustrating 15 days since we were on a Zodiac sampling our stations. Continued calm winds and cold conditions made for a frustrating week of laboratory work. The highlight of the week was the quality of data we were collecting from a controlled light adaptation experiment on 3 different species of diatoms. Bethany is making a video to convey some of this…that will be far more entertaining than a written report of the information. We continued to collect samples from the aquarium, maintain our weekly record of the size fraction distribution of chlorophyll and sample our light adaptation experiment daily. Joe also wrote a guest blog post about a recent paper- you can read that here.

The highlight of the week was receiving a new set of questions and comments from the students of the Dilworth STEM academy. We’ll actually be teaching a class with them from Antarctica next Friday, October 14. I have not quite decided what we are going to talk about but it is going to be exciting. I’ll be on a laptop that I’ll carry around to various parts of the station.

A few weeks ago I posted a question buried deep in a field report – how many gallons of water are in 625 m3? Our first correct answer was from David Lee. CONGRATULATIONS DAVID.He wins a Palmer Station baseball cap and an opportunity to name our “zodiac” the next time we head out sampling.

Head over to our Students Ask Page to read my answers to the kids of Dilworth.

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