Spring in Antarctica


Well hello. Lots and lots of exciting new happenings at Palmer Station, Antarctica.  The team visited the Adelie Penguin rookery over at Torgersen Island (just a stones throw away from Palmer Station). We were visited by a playful group of porpoising Gentoo penguins and a pair of Minke whales while sampling. It was so incredibly humbling to be out sampling so far from station -so far from the rest of society for that matter- and have such large creatures pass by our little rubber boat.  Plankton are blooming, ice is melting, SPRING IS HERE.

I set up (with some guidance- thanks Kerry and Ted!) a tent in the backyard which I plan to spend as many of my final nights in as possible (weather be willing). Every other morning I take a 5am sample.

I have loads of new photo, video footage and just endless media to sort through and share. It is very difficult to find time to organize and put together all the projects I want to when so much beauty, excitement, and work surround me every hour of every day. I will continue to do my best to share while enjoying my last four weeks here on station.

Off to boathouse happy hour- bottoms up!

Minke whales cruising  in front of a patch of ice.

Minke whales cruising  in front of a patch of ice.

Photo Credit Austin and I with the Plankton Net: Deneb Karentz