The Mysterious Case of Broken Bottoms

Crack this mystery- a few weeks ago the science team was partaking in a trivia game with the rest of the station (we only lost by a little) when out of nowhere Austin -who was sitting next to me on the couch- jumps out of his seat. I feel something cold and wet creeping across my denim and I jump up followed by Deneb. Joe kind of just sat there unenthused. Austin was sipping rootbeer out of a pretty hefty and thick handled glass mug and the bottom of the glass- prompted by no collision or stress- just split off. Fast forward a week later, Austin is kindly carrying for me a four pack of Chilean beer from the BIO building to GWR (where the bar and lounge is located). He is sweetly reminding me to walk carefully across the icy walkway when BAM the bottom of the cardboard holder busts and sends the beer bottles across the walkway- no worries, they were recovered.

A few days ago the cuvette (basically a little glass topless tube) that is specially formed to fit within the benchtop fluormeter here (an increasingly important instrument considering the field Fluormeter broke) suffered a similar fate, although Austin was not involved this time. Deneb filled the cuvette with a sample and placed it in the machine. When the data looked a bit odd, she pulled the cuvette out only to see that the sample was gone and the bottom of the cuvette was well- missing. Joe had to dismantle the machine, clean it, find the bottom, and actually crazy glued the cuvette back together very carefully under a microscope (this is the only cuvette currently on station that can be used with this instrument).

Whats next? Hopefully not the bottom of the Zodiac.