Meet Neal Scheibe

As I have mentioned previously- part of the outreach I have been assembling for the project's website includes reporting on the fascinating people of Palmer Station. These reports have culminated in a written survey (questions written by dear Austin) and photographs and video taken and edited by myself.

The first person to undergo the challenge was Neal Scheibe. Neal is tall, fair, and often seen walking around station in a striped hat he stole from a child. In fact, he is sitting at the table across from me in said hat as I type. I look forwards to buying a few bottles of wine from in 10 minutes or so when he opens and works the station store. To watch the video and/or learn Neal's beliefs concerning zombies in Antarctica simply click one of those stunning headshots below- your choice. Also be sure to check our our most recent field report here and please check out my most recent video creation which outlines our current work on the zodiacs here.

Listening to: Neal over the intercom 'all-call' letting everyone know the store is open- CYA