Glorious Weekend and Blog Under Construction

Firstly, let me apologize for being virtually non-existent in the blog community.  I broke the code to my blog last weekend and couldn't find the time to set things straight and thus felt uninspired to contribute. I have also been putting together a large volume  of outreach material for the project's website as Joe was interviewed on NPR Friday and wanted the site to be particularly exciting for any new followers inspired by the interview. Check out to listen to the interview as well as to check out some photos/videos I have been posting. The outreach portion of the project and our collaboration with middle school science classes have been particularly rewarding for me lately. I am in the process of putting together a decent summary of all the aspects of this project and am also working on changing my blog layout. Initially planned on finishing it up tonight  however, Bob Dylan is understandably sending me to sleep with "Highlands"- I'm about 14 minutes into it and am not sure I'll make it to the end before I pass out. Expect an absurd amount of updates that have been sitting impatiently on my mental back burner over the course of the next few days.