It is COLD. Penguins show yourselves

Well, except for a few upsets this weekend was really just incredibly relaxing and marvelous. Kris, the medic on station who arrived a few weeks ago on the last boat, and I headed up the glacier today for a bit of exploring + hot cocoa + snacks. It was great to get out and I’ve just been dying to have a good conversation with someone (thanks Kris!). The backyard, the area below the glacier and behind station, was just printed with penguin tracks (love how you can see where they slid on their bellies in the top image). Just a total tease since I have yet to see a penguin up close and personal. I apologize for the lack of updates. The boat, which eats up half of our bandwidth just left last night.  Also we have been hit with a pretty violent storm which caused our internet/phone line to cut in and out. Unfortunately, due to the heavy ice and violent winds we have been unable to get out in the field to sample. I’m going a little nuts not being able to get out- we hit record low temperatures today.


The hair on my arm froze white while I was in the hottub today- that’s a first. A few new videos I shot over the past couple days (including one showing the storm) can be found on the DRI website-

There is a seal mawma and baby near station that are adorable and have made me pine for a good Monday night at the Marine Mammal Center. I am dying to camp out and hope to do so soon.

I also was able to get out Saturday afternoon for a brief nap in the backyard. I think the inability to just head outside and crash in a field and take a  nap in the sun has been weighing heavy on my mood. I just crave to go barefoot, to play outside, to explore but all in all life is beautiful here in Antarctica.