Let the science and celebration begin

Sampling liquor and plankton

Today Joe, Deneb, and a few crew members from the Gould took advantage of having a research vessel present to lower a zodiac off the side and collect some sea ice. There's no telling when the ice will clear enough for us to first take our boating classes and then get out in the field so, at least we will potentially have one sample to start with.

I am finally starting to settle in to both a routine and my room here at Palmer Station. This place is just heaven on earth. As an artist/scientist I am so overwhelmed its almost painful. I have access to a woodshop, all kinds of arts and crafts supplies (clay, paint, jewelry making supplies just to name a few), skis, snowboards, crampons, tents, sleeping bags, instruments, a billion dvds, a beautiful bar with lots of complimentary booze, pool, darts, bar games, glacier ice for drinks, food/delicious leftovers 24/7, hot tub, sauna, access to glacier/places to explore... holy god the list could continue for decades not to mention our lab is downstairs from my bedroom.

I have lots more to update and will with due time. I have to hit the hay to wake up early tomorrow. Once the Gould leaves (Gould is using half our internet bandwidth) and I finish settling into my room I will have both the time and the means to more thoroughly update everyone on my status down here in Antarctica.