Quick Update

Again, sorry that I am unable to upload any pictures at this time. The internet is pretty fuzzy and I am also unable to access my email and facebook-so if you are waiting for a reply, to messages sent to either of those I apologize. We should be arriving to Palmer Station in just a few more days. The oceans are starting to get rougher, my roommate is ill. I am so drugged up and haven't gotten sick yet at all.Growing up with my bedroom window on a main street, I actually enjoy the noises of the boat as I go asleep. I also enjoy the rocking of the boat while in bed it rocks and rolls me into such a satisfying sleep.

The Drake Passage is basically where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet and the waters can get incredibly rough. Everything must be secured in the boat to prevent flying during times of intense waves- apparently people have been taken out by their own luggage before.

Meals have actually been great so far on the boat. Yesterday for lunch I had calamari, salmon, roasted potatoes, and cake. I'm going to need some serious exercise to get back in shape. Joe says that he runs up the glacier (located next to station) for exercise. I am happy to hear we are able to wander around alone near station as long as we sign in and out. Certain areas are marked off though and for good reason. Recently, three people disobeying the fenced off area at McMurdo Station fell through an incredibly deep crevice- one survived. I'm also warned that areas that are marked off may also be the nesting site of Skuas. A highly territorial bird, these birds are likely to attack anyone who comes too close.

The more wonderful things I hear about Palmer, the more excited I become. I am bummed I cannot upload images of my living arrangements on the boat. There are certainly a lot of pictures that need posting once I get to Palmer.