Ice on the horizon

We are finally hitting ice!  At first word, everyone stammered outside to get our first glimpse of the extensive ice sheet standing between us and Antarctica. We are getting closer and closer and its getting colder and colder. The deck is now coated in a thin layer of ice.

The ice we started treading through after dark looks like those giant Amazonian lily pads and is deliciously termed: Pancake Ice (below image shot from my porthole). I toured the ship and the engine room today. We passed the Drake with ease and the drugs have worked magic. I haven't gotten sick once, although my vision is blurred which made watching theMotorcycle Diaries in subtitles a bit challenging.

Once I get a full grip on the project I will be adding a page that more clearly describes what our work will entail, introduces the team, the potential impacts of our work, and my actual role in the process.

Top: Our first view of ice  Bottom: Pancake ice

Top: Our first view of ice  Bottom: Pancake ice

Sweet dreams.