Friday Update

Internet is getting worse and worse, the ice is getting thick, fluffy, and dotted with seals. Seals and birds, it is astonishing that there is life down here- and apparently plenty of it.  The image pictured shows Smith island in the background and that little speck is a bird (it's nice seeing some life out there). Antarctic waters are not barren and are in fact home to so many interesting creatures.

We have passed a few islands today and are anticipated to reach Palmer at noon tomorrow. It is so cold outside I can barely be out to take a few pictures before my fingers stop functioning.

I went for a jog today on the treadmill next to a window and watched as the ice barreled past the ship (a once in a lifetime treadmill experience).  The sound of the ice crunching can be incredibly intense at times so much so that the ship vibrates and shakes and my imagination drifts to thoughts of Jack and Rose. It sounds and feels like your laying down in the middle of train tracks and an old train is just plowing over you- it sounds more like metal on metal than metal on ice.