Kissing Magellan's Great Big Toe

Just as a note, all images I upload from the boat will be incredibly small as we are all sharing limited internet. Also, the next few posts were written at the time these events were happening but I sort of have to submit them all after the fact as I did not have access to the internet for a while. Anywho, here they are. I was lucky enough to be seated on the left side of the plane leaving Santiago. We were also blessed with clear skies and a sunset as we flew over the Andes Mountains. Absolutely breathtaking. The mountains stretched endlessly across my window for at least 40 minutes of the flight and were unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The snow line  was clearly visible and consistent across the fields of mountains and the shadows cast by the setting sun were dramatic.

I have to return I’ve fallen in love with South America.

Kissing the toe of Magellan to ensure a safe journey across the Drake

Kissing the toe of Magellan to ensure a safe journey across the Drake

To ensure a safe trip to Antarctica it is custom to kiss/rub the handsome toe of Magellan before navigating through the Strait of Magellan and out across the Drake. Magellan was of course the Portuguese born Spaniard whose attempt to head west from Spain to reach the Indies ended up leading his crew of 250 through the 'Strait of Magellan'. Magellan never made it home, the voyage ended up taking about three years, and of the 250 men who started, only 18 survived. The 18 survivors were the first to sail around the world. Being especially prone to motion sickness you can bet I gave that toe a pretty intimate smooch. I look forward to returning here after my time in Palmer and hopefully exploring more during the summer season.

More pictures to come soon, again I have very limited internet access on the Gould.

Apparently, a fair amount of the people on this boat enjoy post-apocalyptic flicks. Thus, I'm watching I am Legend and 28 Days Later is next. Should be a positive trip.