Into the Great Wide Open- Posting from 30,000 ft.

So, I splurged and spent the $12.95 so that I can utilize the internet. The girl next to me has fallen asleep on my shoulder about twice which is fascinating considering we've only been in the air for about an hour and problematic because her hair is itchy. Anywhoo, the drink cart is nearing and I think I'll have a Sprite. Beautiful blue skies ahead, and a delicious fantastic and loving summer behind. The internet is getting a bit choppy and can't handle large image uploads but I want to post this as I'm not quite sure when I'll find internet again. So, more summer photos to come soon when I can find a bit of Wifi.

I am heading to Texas right now and should arrive decently soon (about a 4 hour flight from Boston). I am meeting up with a few members of the team there before we take off to Santiago, Chile for a 9-10 hour flight. From there we depart for Puntas Arenas (also in Chile and also another 4-5 hour flight). We will remain in Puntas Arenas for a day or so. There, we will suit up and collect all our extreme cold gear from a big warehouse. A few drinks and meals later will set forth on the Laurence M. Gould - a large ice breaker ship- that will take us to Palmer Station over the course of  5 or so days. Estimated arrival date to Antarctica- August 6th.

I will have limited access to the internet while on the boat but will try my best to send updates and attach some photos (if I can get out of bed- I can get incredibly sea sick).

Sending my love from above.

In Flight
In Flight